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HELICAM is Savannah's go to Drone Company with years of experience of getting the shot! HeliCam is the leader in carrying Anamorphic Lenses up to 6lbs with an Arri Alexa Mini/ Red Dragon or just an Inspire 2 X5S RAW set up? HeliCam has been the leader in Drone Aerial Cinematography since 2002 and we are a local 600 Drone Operator. We specialize in carrying Cameras that few can ! HeliCam was chosen to fly the whole Final Season for the hit series "Turn - Washington Spies "and PRODUCER CHOOSEN TO fly for "Atlanta " starring Donald Glover and also Ink, Paper, Scissors on BET.
We have our MOPA, 333 Exemption / UAS-107 and 10 Million in Aviation and Liability Insurance, plus Waiver of Subrogration, Hull Insurance on all our equipment and 2 Million in Workers COMP. .

HeliCam has done extensive Feature Film work with the newest films being Venom, Bleed, Night School,Love, Simon ,The Resident and Homeland TV Series for 20th Century Fox. We are on the approved lenders list for NBC Universal, ABC Disney, Sony Pictures, Net Flix and others.The Legacy of the White Tail Deer Hunter and A Walk in the Woods " starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte and Tulugi India based Film called Subramanyam for Sale and Donald Glover Atlanta TV Series in FX Networks!

We have offered Stunning Aerial Cinematography Professionally for over 13 years now and have worked with big names like NASCAR, Monster Energy, Kurt Busch, CAT, John Deere, just to name a few. We are the only World Champion Pilot working for Features Films, TV, High Action Sports and Commercials. So if your wanting outstanding aerial footage for your project, then we are the team for you!

. WE USE HIGH END OCTOCOPTERS COMBINED WITH THE MOVI Mounts. We also own a Fully loaded Inspire 2.

We have been in the industry since 2002.

HeliCam Drone Car Tracking Reel for 2018
Added on 3/2/2018
Some awesome jobs we had in 2017. Featuring Ford Commercials and the Feature Film "Fear of the Edge."

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