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WahCool Networks Sdn. Bhd is a fully integrated video solutions provider for creative media content, technical operations, equipment rental, multiple camera production (MCP), post-production services, live broadcast and social media.

With our expertise, talent pool and range of equipment, WahCool Networks is well placed to cater to the broad scope of needs of clients in the production of video and related services from start to finish.

WahCool Networks can deliver compelling and creative content to audiences across television, motion picture, online web and mobile platforms matching the discerning needs of clients in a fast changing market environment.

Our leadership team and key personnel are well trained and experienced, among them individual who has received national, regional and international accolades.

WahCool Networks has a track record working with leading international brands and international clients on a range of creative solutions including live streaming. Our expertise in live streaming reaching to audiences in borderless geographical markets places us in the top league for this broadcast solution. Our clients have recognized WahCool Networks for being able to provide solutions that achieve a greater impact and outcome from their original stated objectives.

Whether you desire a multiple camera production, equipment rental, technical personnel support, corporate video, series program, magazine, short film or online broadcast, WahCool Networks Sdn. Bhd promises to craft your vision and making it a reality.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

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Added on 1/5/2017
WahCool Live Services WahCool Live Services is the ‘next generation’ in live broadcasting and video streaming that is cost effective in reaching out to a borderless geographical audience. This means of communication has unique functional advantages and is within the affordable reach of corporates, NGOs and government bodies. WahCool Live Services provide a reliable platform that meets the highest broadcast standards that will delight our clients. WahCool Live Services enable you to broadcast and offer live streaming of special events, live product launches, private password protected video broadcast, corporate town hall meetings, conferences, live chats and just any activities worth the public attention. WahCool Live Services empower clients to deploy the highest-quality live video broadcast across mainstream and Internet channels. Click this link to find out more how you can be a broadcaster. WahCool Post-Production Services WahCool Post-Production Services utilizes the state of the art technology and dedicated technical and creative talents in ensuring your video is of optimal quality ready for broadcast or just viewing and sharing. We will convert your raw video footages into final product you can be proud of. WahCool Post-Production Services offer you the choice of services to align your vision into motion pictures and to enhance the quality of your video through a variety of editing services. Check out WahCool Post-Production Services that will make that unique difference in your final video. WahCool Technical Solutions WahCool Technical Solutions has emerged as a reliable partner and preferred supplier to production houses as well as media and broadcast companies. Our services are well sought after by clients who expect the best from their business partners. Our expertise is focused on four areas that include: multiple camera production (MCP), outside broadcast (OB), broadcast operators and equipment rental. You can immediately benefit from the enormous amount of experience and knowledge we have to offer and take advantage of our access to the best possible equipment and configuration. Our networks have strong alliances with partners to deliver the best broadcast solutions. Whether is it an outdoor production or indoor production, we will provide a solution to your requirements. LSW Production LSW Production is a well establish technical and creative production house offering comprehensive, award-winning video solutions that empower customers to easily and affordably deploy the highest-quality video production across mainstream, Internet and mobile applications. LSW Production provides quality deliverables that consistently delights clients. Our expertise are in the areas of Film/Video production, Broadcast solutions and Creative Execution for the global marketplace. Our reputation is backed with local and international awards that supports our reliability in providing you the very best.

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