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Olé Ask
Was born in1964 in Kongsberg in Norway. his life with a handicap and growing shorter than average and with a artificial leg was a bit complicated and troubled, especially in his teens and in his early 20's.
He got his first guitar when he was twelve starting out writing songs with 3 cords.
Mick Jagger once said that rock 'n roll is 3 cords and energy. In 1993 Olé made his first trip to the US and Canada, he crossed the Atlantic chasing his dream.
Olé Ask ended up in Toronto meeting Jamie Stewart ex Cult bassplayer and later on in Minneapolis he met his first label guy Tim Bradach, who him up for a 3 CD contract. 
Now he´s got 8 albums out and is a GRAMMY award voting member and more than 20 years working his music in USA

Now Olé Ask has recorded his new single ABBEY in Abbey Road Studio 2

The song ABBEY was written for the occasion and the song is a tribute to Abbey Road Studios and all the great music coming out from there.
Featuring musicians such as Jeff Wassermann, The Empire State Band, all this happened because of Kjell Tørre a Norwegian Beatles expert who granted Olé Ask studio time at the Abbey Road Studios 

Olé Ask has featured great musicians from his idols, like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart, Lou Reed, David Bowie etc. etc.

Olé Ask – discography:

Kisses And Cool Water - 2014
Signature – 2011
Magic To Me – 2010
Nine To Go – 2008
Still Fallin´ - 2006
Flight 653 – 2001
Turning Point – 1999
Ask – 1997

I have been in the industry since 1993.

Added on 1/10/2017
Olé Ask singer songwriter, the song Abbey is a tribute to Abbey Road Studios.

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