Josh Hansbrough

Neptune Beach, Florida


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I began my career working on action sports films, and I now create media for international brands, TV commercials, social media campaigns, and award winning documentaries. 10+ years experience, clients include - PGA Tour, Best Buy, NBC, TLC, Century Optics, Red Bull, Oakley, Vans, Phlewid Films, Hudson Media, Tigerlily Media, Windowseat Pictures, MSNBC, etc. Owner/operator Sony FS7

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Josh Hansbrough Cinematography Reel 2018
Added on 11/28/2018

This demo reel is a reflection of the talented crew, great production companies, and helpful clients I've worked with in the last few years. - PGA TOUR, Best Buy, Chase, Phlewid Films, Sky Realty…

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