Austin Reeves

McLean, Virginia


About Me

Cinematographer on commercials, television, and film. Highly experienced at handheld and Steadicam operation.

RED Weapon CF 8k S35 Owner / Operator. Also including FS7 kit, EasyRig, Lights, Audio, etc.

Having been behind the camera for more than 20 years, I've developed a love for imagery that supports story and emotion. I believe subtle choices with camera and light can connect the viewer to the story. Working together in a collaborative effort is something I highly value in both a large and small scale productions. I love working visually and I love working with those who are passionate about their craft.

My personal equipment package includes:
-RED WEAPON 8k S35 Helium
-Sony FS7 Super35 Camera w/ Matte & Filters
-CineDS Prime Lens Kit
-Dana Dolly System
-Audio Kit (Wireless, Lavs, Shotgun, Byoom, Recorder
-Lighting Kit (LED Panels, Dimmers, Gels, Accent Lights, Fog Machine)
*also an experienced Steadicam Operator

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Austin Reeves - Demo Reel
Added on 11/14/2019
Sample of Work on a variety of projects.


Director of Photography – Harmon / Kennedy Center

April, 2017 — April, 2017
Corporate – Beverly Boy Productions

Cinematographer (BTS Unit) – Condor (BTS)

May, 2017 — May, 2017
Television – Dorothee Berendes

Director of Photography – PCMA Testimonials

April, 2017 — April, 2017
Corporate – Beverly Boy Productions

Director of Photography – Johns Hopkins Residency

November, 2016 — November, 2016
Corporate – Johns Hopkin

Director of Photography – MWOTY17 Boy & Girl

November, 2017 — November, 2017
Corporate – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Director of Photography – "The Fallen & the Brave"

August, 2016 — August, 2016
Music Video – Statter911

Director of Photography – NewsOn Takes You There

December, 2016 — December, 2016
Commercial – NewsOn

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