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Scrappers Film Group provides film production work to journalistic, documentary, business, and socially motivated clientele. We use cinéma vérité and naturalistic techniques to best portray our customers’ visions. Our services include video journalism, documentaries, brand videos for businesses, promotional pieces for institutions, shooting, editing, motion graphics, VR/360, location sound recording, as well as a sound recording booth. We have a 1300 sq foot studio in Chicago's West Loop, equipped for interviews, green screens, and shoots. Our work has appeared in The New York Times, PBS, Univision, Al Jazeera, EuroNews, NPR, The A.V. Club, and many other outlets.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

The Area: Award winning social commentary documentary short
Added on 2/15/2017
Several years ago, transportation company Norfolk Southern initiated an expansion of its 47th Street Terminal by covertly buying property in the northeast corner of Englewood. Since the plans were publicized in September 2011, residents have been living on borrowed time, maintaining friendships and traditions while struggling with new problems in their vanishing community. This short is the first piece of a feature-length documentary about the neighborhood and its confrontation with the pressures of contemporary transportation infrastructure.

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