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Roger Ebert gave Steve’s film, FIRECRACKER, starring Karen Black and Mike Patton, a Special Jury Award on his annual Best Films of the Year list. His first film PEP SQUAD premiered at Cannes at Le Marché du Film and became a 90s cult classic; and his film WATCH OUT was praised by critics as “One of the great cult films of all time.” In 2011, the U.S. Library of Congress selected his film THE CASSEROLE CLUB, starring Susan Traylor and Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, for its permanent collection. In 2015, his film EL GANZO won Best Feature, Best Actor and Best Cinematography at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy.

Film Threat magazine says, “Balderson makes movies that are so gorgeous that it’s not unreasonable to say that, cinematographically at least; he’s the equal of an Argento or Kubrick in their prime. Some people have perfect vocal pitch, Steve has perfect visual composition.”

Interested not just in film but also architecture, design and elements of time and space, Balderson's milieu is all-inclusive and his work bears an unmistakable, individual stamp. Though he chuckles when he says his idea of a good time is ‘going out to sketch a story board,’ he's not kidding. Driven and prolific, Balderson happily shares his secrets in Maverick Filmmaking Workshops, where he instructs and inspires filmmakers young and old.

Steve is also a voice-over artist and narrates audiobooks in between making movies. He is also a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis.

More information about Steve Balderson can be found on www.DIKENGA.com or by searching his name on the internet.

I have been in the industry since 1996.

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A veteran indie director of more than 17 feature films, Steve Balderson has something many film makers don't achieve in a lifetime: a fully realized artistic vision. At the young age of 23, he made…

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WINNER - BEST FILM - Salento International Film Festival, Italy, 2015 WINNER - BEST ACTOR - Salento International Film Festival, Italy, 2015 WINNER - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Salento International Film Festival, Italy, 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION - RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, London, 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION - LOS CABOS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Mexico, 2015 * * * Identity and self-discovery evolve in an epic journey through the majesty of a Mexico rarely seen. EL GANZO is a story that chronicles a brief and intense companionship between two travelers: a struggling artist on the verge of a break-through and a mysterious woman with a hidden and unknown past. Lizzy and Guy find each other at the right moment in time. There is an almost instant, unconscious bond between these two lonely travelers. EL GANZO tells the story of their journey and the dramatic personal transformations it leads each of them through. Their journey takes them across the Baja peninsula, from the ancient and haunting beauty of Todos Santos in the west to the aquamarine sea and coral reefs of Cabo Pulmo in the east, all the while centered in the warm embrace of Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos. It is during their stay at Hotel El Ganzo that they are each enlightened and transformed. Along the way, Guy is struggling to find the inspiration he needs to create his masterpiece, while Lizzy struggles with finding out who she really is. As she starts to remember her old identity, and discovers her new identity, Guy begins to awaken within. The two become deeply connected as their sense of themselves – and their desires for companionship – grow like the luscious pitaya fruit on a cactus. Directed by STEVE BALDERSON Starring SUSAN TRAYLOR ANSLEM RICHARDSON Produced by JENNIFER DREILING Factoid: Merely weeks after filming wrapped, Hurricane Odile struck Los Cabos and destroyed Hotel El Ganzo and nearly everything you see in this film. The spirit of the place, and its people, and the magic captured in this film, no longer exists on Earth in the same way. * * * "Hits especially close to home" HARPER'S BAZAAR
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Director – Pep Squad

July, 1996 — September, 1996
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Firecracker

April, 2003 — October, 2003
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Watch Out

May, 2008 — July, 2008
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Stuck!

April, 2009 — May, 2009
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – The Casserole Club

August, 2011 — October, 2011
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Culture Shock

September, 2013 — November, 2013
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – The Far Flung Star

April, 2014 — June, 2014
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Occupying Ed

January, 2014 — March, 2014
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Hell Town

March, 2015 — May, 2015
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – El Ganzo

July, 2015 — August, 2015
Feature – Dikenga Films

Director – Short Straw

October, 2016 — current
Feature – Dikenga Films

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