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We offer full production support for international film and photography productions in Austria and Hungary, from location scouting and casting, to assembling and managing a complete professional crew.

Progressive Productions, after more than six years of successful work in Hungary, started its Austrian branch in 2015. All productions shot in Austria connect to our headquarters in Vienna.

Our activity in Austria is based on our shooting locations service; which consists of location scouting and complete location management. We constantly extend our location database. A large part of this has been made available online. Our knowledge of Austria spreads over its complete area and although Austria consists of countless, often wildly different regions, our aim is to know all of them equally deeply. Therefore we can offer countless locations within Austria’s regions, nature and cities, like Vienna, as well as Salzburg, Innsbruck and other smaller cities too.

Our production services meet high standards, which in all situations fulfill our clients’ expectations. We have previously worked for productions coming from all parts of the world, and for ones of all sizes. Thanks to this, we both have experience in servicing large productions with crews of more than a hundred people, just as we have experience in productions of a few dozen crewmembers. But we are also experienced in organising shoots far from production centers. This is one of the most important production skill in Austria, due to the countless unique countryside locations.

Two films or photographs that are the same does not exist, that is why for us all of our projects are unique and full of new challenges

We have been in the industry since 2009.

APT Tours
Added on 2/7/2018
For this amazing TVC we provided location and production support through 3 countries (Austria, Germany, Hungary) at more than 20 locations.

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