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Over the years as a Emmy nominated DOP/Cinematoghrapher, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to experience situations that I would never have imagined possible. My work on films, national spots, high end corporate videos and documentaries has taken me to 6 continents, and over 50 countries; shooting on every format from 35mm Film to the Canon C300 Mark II. (Arri Alexa & Amira, RED, Varicams, Sony F55 to the FS7)

From filming and lighting presidents, first ladies, dictators, and CEOS, to the ever "critical" hollywood & rock-n-roll elite, I’ve learned how to adapt quickly to many situations and personalities. I’ve also filmed some of the worlds top athletes; travelling and filming in their home countries, to being on the field shooting a World Series or a Super Bowl. However, the love I have for filming human stories has not been limited to the famous. My work on documentaries has lead me into the gritty reality of of human trafficking and natural disasters, to people struggling with disease, drugs, and lack of education. I’ve been held at gunpoint in Sao Paulo with people demanding my footage (they didn't get it) and also had to watch helplessly as a baby died of Aids, my camera continuing to roll. I believe there is no substitute for experience, and this combined with my ability to work with both client and crew to get the images we need, allows me to bring a unique talent to any production.
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We have been in the industry since 1999.

Gatorade Spot
Added on 5/23/2017

Gatorade Spot shot on the Alex


Robert Bilheimer Oscar Nominated Director
"It’s been my pleasure— my honor, really— to have worked with Craig on Worldwide Documentaries’ films for the past 15 years. There are the obvious things we all know about Craig: gifted, sensitive, observant, kind, strong and, as McCartney says, " really lovely” , just the sweetest person you would ever want to know. And that’s quite a package right there for any filmmaker lucky enough to have Craig on a shoot. But for me, there is something else as well. Our work here at Worldwide is in the human rights arena, and I think Craig, as a human rights storyteller, is one of those rare people who feels what he sees, and sees what he feels, as only a true artist can. In the end, I think that will prove to be his valuable gift to the world in which we live. It certainly has been a gift to me. "

Daniel Forer Director

ESPN 30 for 30 "Mike and the Mad Dog"" The beauty of Craig Braden is that there is never a need to worry. In three decades in the industry I have not worked with a more professional, creative or considerate DP. During our three months of shooting he and his team, often working long, stressful hours, always maintained a positive attitude and enhanced the vision I had for every shot. I cannot wait to collaborate with him on my next film! "

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