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Based in Spain, Sweden and Colombia MINDED FACTORY is a creative production company that develops and produces fiction, specializing in feature films, series for digital platforms and television, commercials and music videos.

Since its founding in 2008 MINDED FACTORY has produced numerous film and advertising productions around the world, collaborating with production companies, agencies brands and leading artists in the audiovisual market.

Our cutting-edge team includes directors and cinematographers of different nationalities who apply their unique vision to each project, for which they have also gained fame and recognition in the industry.

Our team includes executive producers, creative producers, associate producers, art directors and creative directors as well as writers, editors, colorists, 3D, FX, Vfx, 360° cinematographers, photographers, programmers, designers and global market specialists.

«Our passion is for great ideas beautifully executed, that engage audiences irrespective of platform device or venue».

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We have been in the industry since 2008.

Added on 12/12/2022
The way to the treasure lies in the mind of Efrén, Emilio’s only son, an innocent mentally handicapped boy who, without knowing it, holds in his confused head this enigmatic secret. Getting someone so special to reveal his secret turns out to be Dario’s hardest and most dangerous mission. In order to find the jewels Dario must first access the boy’s mysterious mind. To do this he kidnaps him from the psychiatric hospital, and takes him to a secluded place where he will use all his efforts to make him talk. During a long journey he has to play with the boy’s mind, and enter the wicked game of horror that Efrén used to play with his father. This was the machiavellian way of Emilio to communicate with his son, since the boy in his special mind, was not able to react to direct conversation with another human being. The game transforms the innocent Efrén completely and he becomes a different being, someone even disturbing. He seems to enjoy reviving and performing the shocking horror scenes that he was forced to watch together with his diabolical progenitor, as if the world for him was a wicked play. The distrusting and treacherous Emilio created the game to hide the treasures with the help of Efrén, burying the secret within the boy’s mind and making sure they were inaccessible for anyone else but him. The only way back to the treasure is by living the very same horrors as in Emilio’s favorite movies. Participating in such a morbid and delirious game, Darío will discover that the boy’s mind is a hell difficult to handle. Especially since Emilio, before dying, taught him to play a very special movie. A movie whose ending is much more terrifying than he could imagine, a film that could only have been directed by a real demon.

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