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Schitts Creek. Murdoch Mysteries. SEE Season 2. Ikea. Telus. American Gods S2 and S3. Umbrella Academy . What We Do In The Shadows. Heavy Rescue 401. And over 150 plus more in the last 3 years alone!

We are the #1 choice, when it comes to ethics, care, and skill!

With over a decade of animal handling and training experience we guarantee the best animals for the shot you need. No job too big or two small, with the best price in the industry. We specialize in native species look alikes, cats, dogs, insects,livestock, horses, birds of prey and exotics. On roster we boast 146 dogs, 27 cats, and can source additional options if need be. We have a full range of exotics including reindeer, big cats, and birds of prey available for booking. Full service animal grooming, colour alteration and behaviour training available. Rent our animals or we will wrangle yours.

We are budget friendly and able to make the smallest student productions all the way to the largest feature productions happen. Large scale sourcing or single animal, we do it all. Need 25 dogs? 11 horses? 1 worm? Send us an email or call!

New this year:

Reindeer - available all year round
Oxen team - can pull a cart, be ridden, proven and tested on the largest show shooting in ontario now
Horses - partnered with some of the best in the industry to make your unicorn dreams come true
White Tail Deer Look alikes - Fallow Deer - hand raised puppy dog personality.

Added on 1/5/2018
We provided 3 Rhode Island Red Chickens for this project "Special Instructions" - Seemless/Grubhub


Animal Coordinator – See Season 2

December, 2019 — March, 2021
Feature – Apple TV

Animal Coordinator – Telus

January, 2018 — December, 2021
Commercial – West Side Studios

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