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My name is Diogo Pessoa de Andrade. I am a freelance director and filmmaker based in Lisbon, Portugal. I work in the audiovisual and digital media sector since 2002 and I produce contents for the creative media, entertainment, information and education sectors.

I provide audiovisual and multimedia production, consultancy, training and education services.
I work directly with clients, taking their video projects from inception all the way through to final delivery.

# Professional Audiovisual Production
# Camerawork / Cameraman
# ENG crew
# Producer / Fixer
# Aerial video and photography
# Steadicam (3-Axis Gimbal stabiliser)
# 360 degree videos
# Video editing and post-production
# Multimedia production / authoring
# Training and consultancy (to firms and individuals)

My services can include conceptualising and planning, scripting, storyboarding and shoot planning, location scouting, crewing, filming, video editing, colour grading, delivery and project management.

I have reliable connections with several production houses, equipment rental houses and professionals from different areas for both small and large scale video productions.

I have experience in producing documentaries, fiction, music videos, video content for advertising and marketing campaigns, corporate videos, employee and internal communication videos, promo videos and news.

For more information, please call: +351916685907

I have been in the industry since 2001.

Lisbon, we can enjoy life!
Added on 6/2/2017
Untold Stories from Lisbon year 2015, duration: 06min 41sec. Synopsis: "Two parallel stories of two unknown travelers who arrive in Lisbon for the 1st time. A girl and a boy who do not know each other will explore the city. By following them we are taken trough 2 different adventures in the city, driven by their personal thoughts, experiencing their emotions. Using a more cinematic 'City Portrait' visual style, the city will unfold to us through the eyes of the 2 strangers." This video was produced for Streemfire GmbH, a cloud based broadcasting platform that lets you create, manage and maintain a form of video playout which resembles the linear content programming structure of a traditional TV station. In order to promote this new platform, they have created a demo channel built for citizens of the world who enjoy to travel and brings local stories to global audiences. Filmmakers from all over the world were challenged to create alternative portraits about their cities and its urban residents - off the beaten track. The call was the following: "As globetrotters, we know that the best suggestions often come from locals. So we’re asking you to give us the local point of view. What’s amazing about your city, town or neighborhood? When friends visit, where do you take them? What are the “must sees” or the current 'hot spots'? Videos should be able to stand on their own and adequately present their topic. All material presented in the videos (including soundtrack) should be original, from the authors, or the authors should have proper permission to use it. They must be between 2 and 5 minutes long and be narrated in English. You will be expected to handle all aspects of production and deliver a fully edited final cut. The videos can be formatted like travel logs, where you act as a host, taking us around the city, or they can be formatted as beautiful portraits that are cinematic and more experiential. "


Director, camera, editor – Lisbon, we can enjoy life

March, 2016 — June, 2016
Short Film – Streemfire GmbH

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