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Hello, My name is Sean Garcia a freelance Location Sound Mixer and Boom Operator with over 8+ years of professional production experience based in Los Angeles, CA. with extensive experience Sound Mixing/Recording on television narratives, documentaries, commercials, short and feature length films, ENG crew, live events and performances, studio recordings (ADR), digital content, Foly sound, sizzle presentations and reality TV.

Some of the my clients include: NFL Network, MLB Network, MTV, NBC, ABC, MLB, WWE, Fox, SiFi, HGTV, Funny or Die, TV One, ESPN, BET, Spike, Netflix, Pepsi, Bunim/Murray and A. Smith & Co Productions.

As a Senior Production Coordinator along side my sound mixing career I bring years of production knowledge across multiple departments ranging from smaller budgeted projects to larger full scale multiple camera productions.

I pride myself on always coming with a positive attitude, hard-working mind set and whiling get my hands dirty whenever called upon. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work well under pressure and meet strict deadlines, diligent in laboring, while working smart. Local to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with a reliable vehicles whiling to work local anywhere in Cali.

Audio equipment I own and include in my kit:

Zoom F8, 8-input/10-channel mixer/recorder (w/break-away snake cables with headphone monitoring)
*Timecode IN/OUT available via BNC/SDI
Wendt X4, 4-channel mixer. *no timecode generated, L/R mix only
Tentacle E-Sync (timecode lockit box w/bluetooth monitoring) 5 pin lemo cable available for Arri cameras
5x Lectrosonics wireless lavalier systems (UCR 401 blocks 21, 22 and UCR 100 series block 25)
1x Lectrosonics HM Boom transmitter available
2x Rodelink wireless lavalier system w/additional wireless TX for Boom/Lav/stick mic applications
8x lavalier microphones (TA5F and 3.5 connectors)
1x Sony condenser wired lavalier (XLR Mount)
2x Sennheiser MD 46 Interview microphone (long handle stick mic)
1x RodeLink TX-M2 wireless microphone
1x Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone (short handle stick mic)
2x Sennheiser ME66-k6 microphones
1x Audio Technica 835b shotgun/boom microphone
2x K-Tec 12 ft. boom poles.
*Complete with exterior and interior microphones.
4x Comtek M72/LT-400 IFB's for all applications
1x C-Stand
1x Gary Coleman C-Stand
2x Arri light stand, 2x Mic stands w/boom mate, stock mounts and FlexiMount.
Zoom H1 2-channel recorder w/32gb MicroSD card
1x non-digital slate
1x digital slate w/RTC timecode (Ipad)
1x MacBook Pro Laptop w/ SD card reader (2017)
1x Macbook (2012)
1x Bluetooth wireless headphone monitoring (audio interface)
1x audio interface via USB
1x Panasonic AG-HPX170 P2HD (p2 camera) w/sticks
1x Kino Diva 400w
1x GoPro Hero 4 (1080 & 4k capable)
1x Samsung Gear 360 (4k and 360 capable)
Orca-032 Sound Bag
Zoom PFC-8 Sound Bag
+ Sound Bags, Carts, Harness and Cables/adapters configurations.
-2x sound kits available.

Please feel free to contact me directly for info regarding my rates. Location sound packages are prepared for all applications. You can also visit my IMDB page to get a list of credits and references.


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

A Good Night BTS
Added on 4/16/2018

Behind the scenes of A Good Night - John Legend


Sound Mixer – MLB NL MVP Award

November, 2018 — December, 2018
Television – MLB Network

Sound Mixer – Total Access

November, 2018 — November, 2018
Television – NFL Network

Sound Mixer/ Boom Op – The Heights

November, 2018 — November, 2018
Short Film –

Sound Mixer – Sportscenter

November, 2018 — November, 2018
Television – ESPN

Sound Mixer – Jim Studeo's

October, 2018 — November, 2018
Corporate – Jim Studeo's

Sound Mixer – This Is America

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Feature –

Sound Mixer – Cobi's Round Table

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Music Video –

Sound Mixer – Si Me Faltas Tú

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Short Film –

ARD Recordist – Police Dogz

September, 2018 — November, 2018
Television – Gas Money Productions

Sound Mixer – Good Morning Football

September, 2018 — October, 2018
Live Event – NFL Network

Sound Mixer – Bliss

September, 2018 — September, 2018
Short Film –

Sound Mixer/Boom Op – Life Lessons

August, 2018 — August, 2018
Short Film –

Sound Mixer – Inside Training Camp 2018 (Cowboys

July, 2018 — August, 2018
Live Event – NFL Network

Sound Mixer – The Big Hit

July, 2018 — July, 2018
Short Film –

Sound Mixer – NFL Live

June, 2018 — June, 2018
Television – NFL Network

Sound Mixer – MLB Draft 2018

June, 2018 — June, 2018
Television – MLB Network

Sound Mixer – The Miz Mattel Commercial

June, 2018 — June, 2018
Commercial – WWE

Sound Mixer – Crime Watch Daily

May, 2018 — May, 2018
Television – Warner Bros

Sound Mixer – NFL Total Access

March, 2018 — March, 2018
Television – NFL Network

Sound Mixer – NFL Total Access

March, 2018 — March, 2018
Television – NFL Network

Sound Mixer/ ADR Recordist – Hollywould (Cartoon Series)

February, 2018 — March, 2018
Television – Gas Money Productions

Sound Mixer – Moments Before Tomorrow

February, 2018 — March, 2018
Short Film –

Sound Mixer – John Legend - A Good Night

February, 2018 — February, 2018
Music Video –

Sound Mixer – In Full Bloom

December, 2017 — April, 2018
Feature –

Sound Mixer – Badge of Honor LASD Det. Jeffrey Leslie

October, 2017 — October, 2017
Television – Crime Watch Daily

Sound Mixer – Visionary Woman

October, 2017 — October, 2017
Live Event – ANC Entertainment

Sound Mixer – The Campus

October, 2017 — October, 2017
Feature – ANC Entertainment

Sr. Production Coordinator/ Sound Mixer – Unsung Season 10

September, 2017 — December, 2018
Television – A. Smith & Company Productions

Sound Mixer – Heavy Flow

September, 2017 — October, 2017
Online – Funny or Die

Sound Mixer – Game Spots

August, 2017 — August, 2017
Corporate – Latch Lab Productions

Sound Mixer – Dave's House

August, 2017 — August, 2017
Short Film – Funny or Die

Sound Mixer – Killer Charm

May, 2017 — June, 2017
Online – Funny or Die

Sound Mixer – How to Apply for a Sexual Position

May, 2017 — May, 2017
Short Film – Cute Meat/ Pollen Pictures

Sound Mixer – Unapologetic

April, 2017 — July, 2017
Feature –

Sound Mixer – Killer Party

March, 2017 — August, 2017
Feature –

Sound Mixer – Unsung Hollywood

November, 2016 — September, 2017
Television – TV One

Sound Mixer – Unsung

November, 2016 — August, 2017
Television – A. Smith & Co. Productions, Inc

Sound Mixer – Killer Party

March, 2016 — October, 2017
Feature – Killer Party Productions, INC

Production Coordinator – Unsung

June, 2013 — September, 2017
Television – A. Smith & Co. Productions, INC.


Sean's a 100% pro! great work and very easy to work with, definitely would like to work together on my next project.

Sean, thanks for spending your Sunday with us this past weekend. I just wanted to let you know that with your file naming abilities with your gear, it made syncing audio near effortless for me last night!

Smart and hard worker with great attitude!

Sean came onto our project as a referral from a friend to mix on my first feature earlier this year. We couldn't be happier with the quality of his mix and recordings. He brought so much positive energy to set and everyday! he even helped out our E&G team whenever he could give a extra hand. I would definitely recommend Sean for you next project.

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