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Magic is a cinematographer and camera operator who lives and works locally in Austin, TX and proudly serve the Houston and Dallas area of Texas. He brings over 9 years of cinematography experience, with works ranging from advertising, documentaries, and independent narrative shorts. ​As a full-time visionary Magic possess a unique set of skills that allows him to work with a variety of people. Magic can be a great leader and a great follower, a great teacher and a great listener. Magic's experiences as a cinematography has taught him the value of being able to give and take direction, and deliver solid, professional results no matter what.

Magic's is a RED Scarlet & Sony Fs7 owner/Operator, both cameras can be packaged with an EasyRig for hand-held work and a Ronin for gimbal work. Magic also has a wide range of lighting gear available for your next shoot.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

Corporate Reel
Added on 7/30/2017
Hoskins 2014-15 Corporate Reel. 2015 is coming to an end, and its a good time to reflect on my work and what I'd like to do moving forward with my career. This small demo reel demonstrates a standard of my video services and featured footage from corporate interviews, commercial promos, and training Productions. Companies Featured: Whirlpool, Lakeland Hospital, Lake Michigan Admirals, Motion Gymnastics, Chicago Youth Center, Boys & Girls Club of America, and Benton Harbor Commissioner Jerry Price.

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Cinematographer – Planet Earth

July, 2017 — July, 2017
Television – Discovery Channel

Camera Operator – The Gentleman Driver (Netflix)

September, 2016 — October, 2017
Feature – Velvet Cartel

Cinematographer – Christmas Reunion

March, 2017 — April, 2017
Short Film – Christine Chen

Camera Operator – Revolt News SXSW

March, 2017 — March, 2017
Television – Revolt

Camera Operator – Complex News "Get Sweaty"

February, 2017 — February, 2017
Online – Complex

Camera Operator – Seeso TV "Keep Comedy Weird"

March, 2017 — March, 2017
Television – Velvet Cartel

Camera Operator – "Who is Pappy Pariah" W/ Sean Penn & Bill Maher

October, 2016 — August, 2016
Short Film – Ralf Films

Cinematographer – Vandelay Education

April, 2017 — April, 2017
Commercial – Michael Anthony Gibson

Cinematographer – Chief White lightning "Dont Do That"

January, 2017 — January, 2017
Music Video – Michael Anthony Gibson

Camera Operator – Dental Maverick Summit

March, 2017 — March, 2017
Online – Michael Anthony Gibson

Cinematographer – Epstein Donnelley Spirit of Youth Award: Eugene DeRamus

February, 2016 — February, 2016
Online – Chicago Youth Center

Cinematographer – Still Standing

March, 2013 — March, 2013
Short Film – Boys & Girls Club of America

Camera Operator, Editor – Lakeland Health Care

January, 2013 — May, 2015
Corporate – Lakeland Health Care

Camera Operator, Editor – Whirlpool Corp.

March, 2014 — July, 2015
Corporate – Whirlpool Corp.

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