Irina Bozdog

Bucharest, Romania

About Me

I am currently in charge of the sound department of a well known television in Bucharest, as a full time job. I am not only responsible for ensuring a perfect audio mix for the news segment and but also in charge of offering the maintenance for the Calrec audio consoles of four different studios.

At the same time, I am working as a Junior Sound Editor and a Foley Recordist at a post-production film studio. I've worked on various movies and documentaries such as:
- ”Shadows” Season2 (2017, Director: Bogdan Mirică, Igor Cobileansky) – Foley Recordist;
- ”Dogs” (2016, Director: Bogdan Mirică) - Foley Recordist;
- ”America, venim!” (2014, Director: Răzvan Săvescu) – Foley Recordist;
- ”Miss Christina” (2013, Director: Alexandru Maftei) – Foley Editor Assistant;
- ”When Evening Falls On Bucharest or Metabolism” (2013, Director: Corneliu Porumboiu) Dialog Editing Assistant;
- ”The Unsaved” (2012, Director: Igor Cobileansky) – Foley Editing Assistant.

In the past 4 years, I've also collaborated with studios in the advertising industry as a sound designer.

I am very passionate about my profession, I am fascinated by the way the sound affects our perception on the information and controls our emotions. I enjoy working in the broadcast industry, but also love the post-production and therefore I'm after a job that offers me the possibility to learn more and improve my editing and mixing skills.

Since 2012, I am a faithful user of the Pro Tools software, but I am willing though to switch to other digital audio workstations.

I am interested in relocating myself, but also available for jobs that could offer me the possibility to work remotely.

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Added on 7/29/2017
In the past 4 years, I've collaborated with studios in the advertising industry. I was in charge with voice recording and editing, sound design and mixing, taking a project from zero to the final stage of post-production.

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