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Moovie is based in downtown Milan and is often considered a second home for our customers.
As a rental, we grew up a lot in the last 4 years. We are now ready to offer a broad range of services to support anyone who is planning to shoot in Milan and in Italy.
Either you’re shooting an interview, some B-roll, a corporate video, a photoshoot, or you’re planning a web series around Italy with multiple locations, we may be able to help you! From equipment, drivers, fixers, directors, and Dops. At Moovie you can basically find all crew-members you need!
We deal with any budget and any project, and provide production management for your projects.

We speak italian, English, French and Spanish

As references, please check our production service page, as well as the equipment list.

Please feel free to get in touch anytime.

We have been in the industry since 2003.

Rosso Valentino
Added on 8/4/2017
The key elements of this fashion film are: geometry, contrasts of color, lights and shadows. The idea is to make a real quote of the movie "Suspiria" by the master of Thriller Movies Dario Argento. The protagonists are two girls who, after whispering a secret in their ear, walk in the long corridors of a large and mysterious location. They follow a trace, an intuition; The sound of a deep breath amplified by the large rooms in which they move slowly. Each car movement will be designed to give a sense of restlessness, photography will be based on the use of colored jelly and contrasts. Frames will be symmetrical; A sense of constant geometry will be present in each scene. And so, step by step, we will follow the path of the two young women who will move along the stairs and through doors which would have been better not to open. Vale Be - Director

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