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Sound is my passion and obsession. I embrace the textures and feel of sound by exploring the emotions sound can bring to any project in a unique way. I continue to explore new learning experiences in the world of audio in unconventional ways. I specialize in various aspects of sound design and audio implementation, I recently achieved my Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Audio Technology with a focus on sound design from Cogswell College in San Jose, CA.

I’m experienced in both linear and interactive media, such as films, advertising, video games, podcasts, and documentaries. Some of the clients I've worked with who have benefitted from my passion include Sony Pictures, Huawei, Fernet-Branca, Remo and more. Each project is its own creative venture and I look forward to exploring what new ideas and concepts I can bring.

Lindsay Kinder mixes up a "Wasabi Mule"
Added on 8/21/2018
The creator behind Food La La combines Fernet-Branca, ginger beer, and a very playful, unusual garnish. By Fernet-Branca. I worked as a production sound mixer

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