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Owner of Arri Amira Premium camera, 2x 4K Canon C300 Mark IIs, and 3x Canon C100s. I freelance as a DP and videographer, filming interviews, broadcast TV, corporate, events, conferences/conventions, docs, reality TV, and narrative films. I do a wide diversity of shoots, big and small, and offer a variety of cameras to fit different projects and budgets.

Additional gear I own - Canon 15.5-47 T/2.8, Canon 30-105 T/2.8, Canon 18-80 T/4.4 Servo, Canon L-series lenses, Steadicam Zephyr (which can support up to 24 lbs), Glidecam HD4000 (for run n gun), audio (16 mics), lighting kit (15 LEDs), and various stabilization gear. A detailed equipment list is available on my website.

Always looking for different projects to film and I enjoy my work. I work as a one-man-band, small crew, and large crews, depending on the needs of the production, and am well connected with various crew members for camera, lighting, sound, etc., to provide whatever crew is needed.

Check out my demo reels to see the quality of my work.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

Cinematography Reel
Added on 2/16/2018

I shot every shot in the reel, as a DP, Steadicam Operator, and videographer. Cameras used: Arri Amira, Red Epic Helium, Red Scarlet Dragon, Canon C300 Mark II, Canon C100 Mark II & I

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