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The tattoo is an indelible mark to pay tribute. . . express a story. . . or spread a message. . . At Tattoo VO. . .the same holds true. When Dee Alvis lends his badass audio artistry to your script, your project is destined to stand out and be remembered.
His voice has been used in nearly 50 countries for numerous major brands such as: McDonald's, AT&T, General Mills, Jiffy Lube, United Airlines, American Express, Amstel and others. But I also help small businesses, radio and television stations, e-Learning developers, podcasters, YouTubers, app and game developers, video production companies, production houses, non-profits, agencies and more.
Dee studied advertising/marketing in college. Spent 3 years as a copy writer and editor for a marketing firm. Spent the next 14 years in broadcasting as an audio producer, on-air personality, sportscaster and voice talent for local, regional and national campaigns. Then branched out into sales. He took every skill he had learned, picked up a few new tricks, and invested in his own full-time voice over and audio production business.
Perhaps he can help you and your business grow.

I have been in the industry since 2000.

Commercial Demo Reel
Added on 11/15/2019
Here is my latest video reel of my commercial work


Voice Actor – African American Heritage Tour

May, 2018 — May, 2018
Commercial – KB Tours

Voice Over Artist – The New OG Wallet

May, 2018 — May, 2018
Corporate – OG Money

Voice Over Artist – New CNC

April, 2018 — April, 2018
Commercial – Video Shopping.com

Voice Actor – American Financial Insurance

April, 2018 — April, 2018
Commercial – Spotify

Voice Artist and Audio Engineer – Here For The Insults Podcast Intro

April, 2018 — current
Other – HFTI HQ

Voice Over Artist – Lake House Recovery

March, 2018 — March, 2018
Commercial – Video Shopping.com

Voice Actor – Lustrias

March, 2018 — current
Online – Green Moon Productions

Voice Actor – Pyrogenesis-Drosrite

February, 2018 — February, 2018
Corporate – New Evolution Video

Voice Actor – Dungeon Misadventures Ep 2

January, 2018 — January, 2018
Short Film – Brad Jordan

Voice Over Artist – Michelob Ultra

July, 2017 — July, 2017
Commercial – Spotify

Voice Talent – Big 'N' Toasted Campaign

September, 2014 — December, 2014
Commercial – Dunkin Donuts

Voice Over Artist – Summer Savings

May, 2014 — September, 2014
Commercial – HH Gregg

Voice Over Artist – McDonald's Frydrate Campaign

June, 2013 — June, 2013
Commercial – McDonald's

Voice Talent – Atrix HD Launch

March, 2012 — June, 2012
Commercial – AT&T

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