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I am a photography, prop and wardrobe stylist based in Southern-California. I offer creative direction as well.

My career as a stylist has evolved over eighteen years working in the apparel industry. Prior to becoming a stylist, I was the Global Product Manager for a billion dollar athletic brand. This experience provides a better understanding of my client’s perspective when it comes to brand and product integrity, merchandising, aesthetics, creative collaboration and efficiency. Working in this fast paced setting has also helped me master a high level of resourcefulness and expertise when working with challenging fabrics, settings, locations and deadlines.

I am detail oriented, organized, physically active, resourceful, and possess a zealous eye for composition. Most importantly, I am passionate about making product beautiful; committed to doing whatever I can to get the perfect shot within the least amount of time.

I can provide art direction or execute the specific look you would like to achieve. My top priority is providing my clients with exceptional service. Always working to achieve an end result that exceeds their expectations. I am flexible and a team player, working continually to provide a positive working environment for all I come in contact with.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

Burger Lounge Commercial
Added on 11/2/2018
This is a commercial for Burger Lounge. I was hired for wardrobe and props. This was a fun project that allowed me to utilize many different skillsets. I shopped wardrobe, altered garments, reupholstered a chair, built backdrops, styled clothing on mannequins, re-configured toys. It was an awesome time, working with a great crew.


I've worked with Liz on two projects now and she's amazing! She was able to work within our client's small clothing budget. She goes above and beyond whether that means hauling wardrobe up a trail in 20 degree weather or working on a shoot when it's a 100 degrees out. She always has positive attitude and is super reliable. She made my job so much easier plus she's fun to hang out with on those long shoot days.


Liz can do it all. She has a great eye and is extremely efficient. Our team won't do another shoot without her.

Lauren King

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