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Drone Riot Studios is a world renowned production studio specializing in narrative, documentary, commercial, corporate and aerial content. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. The combination of our advanced technology, deep understanding of on-set workflows and our significant experience results in superb content creation.

ARRI Alexa Mini
RED Helium
RED Epic
Sony F55
Sony FS7

Director | DP
Production Crew Sourcing
Aerial Cinematography & Filming
Aerial Inspections, Surveying & 2D/3D Mapping
Budgeting, Management & Permitting
Concept Design & Artwork
Editing, Sound Design & Color Grading
Animation & Visual Effects

MD Anderson | Nike Inc. | Beats by Dre | Air New Zealand | Apple Inc. | Rolls-Royce | Shoren Stein | NFL | Baylor College of Medicine | Revention | The Mission Continues | FeedONE | FOX | Chevron | Shell | ReadyEverySecond | GES | Marriott | Intel | Microsoft | Hotel Indigo | Exxon | Bank of America | Associated Press | NFLPA | T-Mobile | Amazon Web Services | MyHeritage | Promethean | Olympic Committee | DELL | MAK Studios | Uninterrupted | New Era | Chevron | NBC | GLAAD | feedONE | New Balance


“They asked all of the right questions to follow our guidance and requirements, not only did they excel at their role, they went above and beyond with our client to ensure that our reputation with the client was upheld and a positive experience on all fronts. They were hands down the best choice for the job. I would recommend to any agency or creative director looking to represent their business to a third party client or for their own digital strategy campaigns. I look forward to working with them again for our next project.”

- Mike Callan (Marriott Hotels)

“Their services were competitively priced, and they were very flexible when our company encountered some unforeseen internal issues during production. The final product was very well-done, highly produced and far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to sharing and promoting our video and working with them moving forward.”

- Jessica Bello (VMA)

“Working with Nick, Nate and their crew was very positive throughout the whole experience. Nick and Nate took their time to listen and understand my business needs, my story and as a result, was able to convey what was requested through the video. I would recommend anyone who is in need of a high-quality production team to hire these guys. The quality of their work is exceptional. Nick and Nate are very experienced in this profession and moreover, they are dedicated to the industry. The gear and equipment they used is second to none.”

- Ronnie Duy Nguyen (Roostar Vietnamese Grill)

We have been in the industry since 2011.

Drone Riot Studios | 2018 Reel
Added on 1/28/2019
Here is a reel of our recent work. Enjoy!

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