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Out strength is in telling story of a business from the perspective of NOT ONLY what the business offers, but rather we dig deeper and discover the stories of PASSIONS and VALUES the organization stands for. These stories are usually the storeis of people behing the business or stories of people the business serves. A story based on authentic passions and values of the people behind the business has highest potential to connect with the viewers and inspire them to connect with the organization or act on intended call to action. There are several people who can shoot video but telling a story takes emotional understanding of the PURPOSE and MISSION of the business and the needs of the target audience. As founder of it can be pictures, I have experience working for large corporations in the past and I changed my career to film and video because of the passion and love I have for authentic story telling. We're professionals in the field and our philosophy is to COLLABORATE with our clients as partners, understand your goals, and then do our best to esecute the video project to help you reach your goals.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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