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Boston, Massachusetts

About Us

Principle Pictures was founded on the belief that documentary filmmaking is a uniquely powerful way to shed light on the human drama at the heart of the world’s most pressing social and political issues. Since 1999, our passion for storytelling, adventure and social justice has taken us to nearly every corner of the globe, following stories that excite our curiosity and move our conscience. Whether we’re producing a feature-length documentary or a branded film, filming in a war zone or a high-tech laboratory, we take pride in crafting emotional, character-driven narratives brought to life by cinematic imagery and artful editing.

Over the years, we have also been privileged to work on a variety of branded films and web videos. Drawing on our independent filmmaking expertise, we help clients around the world tell their stories, build their brands and celebrate their accomplishments. At Principle Pictures, we are committed to approaching every story – no matter how big or small – with the same energy, humor, compassion and insight that we find in the world around us.

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