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Gaffer/Cinematographer. Very well-equipped lighting & grip truck. Ford Transit van package. Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Zeiss Supreme Primes, Zeiss Compact Zooms. I would LOVE to SUPPORT YOUR DoP in any capacity! Gaffer is usually a great fit. We work as non-union locals in Los Angeles and Orange County.

-LED Package: Aputure 60d, 300d, 600d, 600x, Nova P600c, 1200d; Skypanel S60, Kino L80's, 4x4 Quasars, 2x4 Quasars, Astras
-HMI Package: 200w, 400w, 800w Joleko, 1200w Par, Arri M18, Arri M40
-Honda 7000is gene

Arri Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Alexa Classic
-Zeiss Supreme Primes and Zeiss Compact Zooms
-Teradek Bolt Wireless Video
-Wireless Follow Focus
-7", 17", 23" Monitors
-8 Ball Slider

Please see my demo reel and read the reviews on my website. We are experienced, professional, affordable, and have a great reputation because we give 100% to every job!

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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