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Maser Films is a go-to full service production company that specializes in producing cinematic branded content, documentary films and commercials. Our award-winning work is crafted from over 17 years of experience working with highly talented and creative teams in the most challenging environments on earth. And right here at home in Portland.

Whether you're just looking for production services, a specific crew member or need a partner to help you see a project through post, we have the resources and experience to ensure things go smoothly--creatively, logistically, financially and experientially. From well lit interviews to run & gun shooting and large crew scenarios, we love production and know how to set one up for success.

Our founder originally comes from a documentary background and so light, nimble, flexible and efficient is our default. Light footprint and high production value is where we thrive.

Maser Films carries full insurance, has FAA certified drone operators, owns a full production kit and has relationships to source whatever kit or crew we don't have in house. We're dialed and really to execute a shoot with 3 crew members or 40 whenever you're ready.

If you’re an agency, a brand, a broadcaster, an independent film producer, a nonprofit or another production company interested in making strong work, then we’d love to chat. Visit our site and check out some of our work—we’re proud of it and think you’ll dig it too.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

Maser Films Reel
Added on 4/21/2017
A highlight of my recent work.

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