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I served as DP of a nationally distributed feature when I was 18, studied cinematography and directing at USC, worked for talent at the highest level. I quickly understood that the best way to make great films is to spend your 20s working outside the industry, pursuing some other form of meaningful work—because all the connections in the world are inadequate if you have nothing compelling to say. So, I became a firefighter in one of the nation's biggest 9-1-1 systems and am now in development on films inspired by my experiences.

I enjoy taking the same passion I have for my own projects and putting it to work for other talented filmmakers. I'm a producer first and foremost, but cinematography and camera work will always be in my DNA.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Added on 10/23/2018

Cinematographer + Producer reel


Director of Photography – Bracelet of Bordeaux
May, 2004 — August, 2004
Feature – Papillon Productions
Director of Photography – Companion
March, 2006 — April, 2006
Short Film – Westin Lee
Director of Photography – Adrift
June, 2011 — July, 2011
Short Film – Cross Wind Productions
Cinematographer – We Are the Fire
April, 2017 — May, 2017
Online – Houston Arboretum
Cinematographer – Karoshi
January, 2004 — April, 2004
Short Film – Ontracc
Camera Operator – Over & Under
August, 2009 — October, 2009
Television – Ontracc

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