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727-871-9185 - Freelance DP/videographer | Owner of Arri Amira Premium | Two 4K Canon C300 Mark IIs | I film interviews, broadcast TV, corporate, docs, sports, events, reality TV, and narrative films. My specialties include interviews (often as a one-man-band - see interview demo reel), Steadicam, and being able to work quickly.

My Glidecam (Steadicam) can support my C300 Mark II, and compared to a gimbal is significantly quicker to setup (15-30 seconds from out of the bag), has better reliability, and a more organic look to the footage, while my Steadicam Zephyr can support my Arri Amira.

Additional gear I own - Canon 15.5-47 T/2.8, Canon 30-105 T/2.8, Canon 18-80 T/4.4 Servo, Canon L-series lenses, Steadicam Zephyr, Devin Graham Glidecam (for run n gun), audio (Shoeps, Sanken, Sennheiser), LED lighting kit (Litepanel Gemini, Astras, LED Frenels), OConnor tripods, and Rhino motorized slider. A detailed equipment list is available on my website.

Always looking for different projects to film and I enjoy my work. I work as a one-man-band, small crew, and large crew, depending on the needs of the production. I like traveling so am always happy to go out to location.

Check out my demo reels to see the quality of my work.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

Cinematography Reel
Added on 2/16/2018

I shot every shot in the reel, as a DP, Steadicam Operator, and videographer. Cameras used: Arri Amira, Red Epic Helium, Red Scarlet Dragon, Canon C300 Mark II, Canon C100 Mark II & I

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