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On-Set Disposals provides Georgia’s movie productions a one-stop solution to the management of landfill debris, compost and recyclable materials. We maintain and conduct environmental monitoring of our Poly Dura Kan dumpsters daily and remove collected waste after wrap! We recognize that the needs of each productions vary; therefore, we tailor or services to support a sustainable system that addresses both, the needs of individual productions and the crucial role of protecting the health of the environment, one set at a time!

On-Set Disposals and Marvel Studios have taken some big sustainability strides this past year. Thanks to a series of waste reduction measures taken at Pinewood Studios and on the recent production of “Black Panther” and"Avengers Infinity War", Georgia’s domestic landfills were relieved of: thousands of littered water bottles; landfill methane that is created by decomposing food waste, a greenhouse gas that is 72% more powerful than carbon dioxide; and recyclable cardboard's and aluminum. Through the logistic planning of On-Set Disposals, locations management and Marvels Environmental Steward, landfill, compost and recyclables were segregated and managed at the source through a color-coded bag system. Waste materials were collected and promptly transported and organized by On-Set Disposals after wrap; therefore, taking care of 90% of the issues in handling often seen at traditional Domestic/Municipal waste centers.

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We have been in the industry since 2015.

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