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Choreographer for the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, with experience in editing, directing, casting, and producing. Represented by Go 2 Talent Agency, Lilian has choreographed for television, music videos, commercials, live events, and concerts; her styles include hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre, lyrical, jazz funk, and freestyle. A great asset to any production, Lilian is professional, hard-working, dedicated, and lends a positive energy to any set.

I have been in the industry since 2003.

Choreography/Directing Reel
Added on 2/4/2018
Choreography and Dance Reel of Lilian Manansala SONGS: "Never Let it Die" (feat. Jussie Smollett & Yaz) from EMPIRE Soundtrack "Like a River Runs" by BLEACHERS SHOWS (in order of appearance): Pretty Little Liars (abc family) Choo Choo Soul (Disney Junior) Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything (Disney XD) Crash & Burnstein (Disney XD) Sonny with a Chance (Disney Channel) Kickin' It (Disney XD) The Thundermans (Nickelodeon) Kirby Buckets (Disney XD) That's So Raven (Disney Channel) Cory in the House (Disney Channel) Hannah Montana (Disney Channel) Out of Jimmy's Head (Cartoon Network!) Good Luck, Charlie (Disney Channel) Dog with a Blog (Disney Channel) Choo Choo Soul Live Tour DANCERS (in order of appearance): Stephanie Rose Hershman Denis Kochkin Molly Mars Natalie Brock Maya Kitayama Hannah Mazonson Bella Rose Norvig Isabel O'Brien Ashley Allen Carrie Crawford Gavin Millette Mike Fallorina Moe Alafrangy Julie Zhan Caroline Harris Ellie Maree Haines Jolee Lee Lily-J Molina Miranda Alfano-Smith Caroline Bailey Lydia Barry Kelli Carlson Angela Chin Ashley Chung Melanie Guan Naomi Jung Naya Lee Jocelyn Maeyama Mika Ng Josh Wilson Allison Wu Christopher Troy Sophia Lucia Can Nguyen Diana Evans School of Dance Abby Brockman Emmy Frevele Kristen Shapero Lisa Deng Hitcliff Leigh Tan Katie Paveljak Juan Toledo Eve Mason Marqos Maldonado Yuka Kaneda Troy Stephens Pam Wellington Chelsea Vick Chelsea Williams Jamie Shea Blaire Benson Savea Kagan Thank you to all the dancers, performers, directors, producers, actors, parents, studio owners, company directors, and supporters! STUDIOS: Diana Evans School of Dance (Lexington, Kentucky) Dance Connection Palo Alto (Palo Alto, California) Degas Dance Studio (Encino, California) Pacifica Christian High School (Santa Monica, California) Dance Studio 84 (Valencia, California)


Choreographer – Raven's Home

July, 2017 — August, 2017
Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer, Casting – The Thundermans

September, 2013 — June, 2017
Television – Nickelodeon

Choreographer – Appisodes

Commercial – Disney, Jr.

Choreographer – Isn't it Great

Music Video – Little Hurricane

Choreographer – Best Friends Whenever

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – It's ON

Television – Nickelodeon

Choreographer – Kirby Buckets

Television – Disney XD

Choreographer – Pretty Little Liars

Television – abcfamily

Choreographer – Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Television – Disney XD

Director – Doritos Superbowl Contest

Commercial –

Director – Waving Through a Window

Music Video –

Director/Editor – Otherside

Music Video –

Director/Editor/Choreographer – #88

Music Video –

Choreographer, Casting – Blah Blah Land

Online – SeventhGrade

Dancer – Sudden Death!

Short Film – Mildly Fearsome Films

Actor – Spin

Short Film – UCLA MFA Student Film

Choreographer, Dancer – 49th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration

Television – LA County

Choreographer – Choo Choo Soul

Live Event – Genevieve Goings

Choreographer – So Random!

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Sonny with a Chance

Television – Disney Channel

That's So Raven – Choreographer

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer, Casting – Ruins

Music Video – Olivia May

Choreographer – Hannah Montana

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Keke & Jamal

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Better Days

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Stay

Music Video – JES

Choreographer – Out of Jimmy's Head

Television – The Cartoon Network

Choreographer, Casting – Melody

Short Film – The Jubilee Project

Choreographer – Bizaardvark

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Kickin' It

Television – Disney XD

Choreographer, Casting – Dog with a Blog

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Choo Choo Soul

Television – Disney, Jr.

Choreographer – Cory in the House

Television – Disney Channel

Choreographer – Crash & Bernstein

Television – Disney Channel

Crash & Bernstein – Choreographer

– Disney Channel

Choreographer – Kings of Van Nuys

Television – abc

Choreographer, Casting – Love Changes Everything

Music Video – Kat Parsons

Work with Lilian Manansala

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