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Los Angeles, California


About Us

We create compelling digital media, in all genres, on any scale. With our producers’ backgrounds in everything from live music performances, music videos, behind the scenes and interviews to branded commercial content for beauty, toys, household, automotive, health and fitness, our wide range of experience allows us to excel in any arena. Our large network gives us the ability to staff each project based on the personality and creative preferences of our clients, and allows us to keep the vibe of the content consistent with the identity of the brand. Whether it is commercials, music, photoshoots, product launches or social media, we can work within any budget to create high-quality, engaging content and help our clients bring their vision to life. We provide all of the elements needed to execute a production. Our network is led by experienced producers who can be involved on projects from concept creation through post production delivery.

Our producers have over 15 years of production experience in every almost form of video and event production. Most of that experience coming while working for a full service ad agency, giving us a strong knowledge for the marketing and branding needs of global brands.

Select brands and artists our producers have worked with over the years:
G-Star RAW
Maroon 5
Kendrick Lamar
Demi Lovato
Mary J. Blige
Jason DeRulo
Lenny Kravitz
Oprah Winfrey
J.J. Abrams
Jennifer Lawrence

We have been in the industry since 2016.

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