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To do is to dare: Between Pictures is a premium film, video, and virtual reality production company. With locations in New York City, NY, Southern New Jersey, & Philadelphia, PA, and a large network of talented crew throughout the United States, we cater to the needs of agencies, co-productions, corporations, studios, TV networks.

From branded content to commercials, feature films to music videos, AR to VR 360 content, our team can streamline the entire production process. We can develop and plan you production, shoot and edit 4k to 12k content, and offer post-production services including CGI, stitching, color grading, and uniquely optimized workflows.

Nothing beats a good story, and we employ the latest cutting edge technology as a brush to enhance storytelling. We navigate the changing landscapes of media trends, providing innovative solutions to clients that allow their projects to thrive. Some of Between Pictures’ clients include American Express, The Daily Show, Dita, Frontida, Grayson Sky, GREATS Brand, Meta, The Mixed Space, MMA Junkie, New York Times, ProductionHUB, The Trufflery, United Nations, VIMBY, and Walmart.

About the owners: David Rivera Garcia has worked in the film and media production industry for over ten years. David first started as an intern reading and providing script coverage for Larry Levinson Productions, and interned in post-production at World of Wonder. Since then David has worked on short, independent, and big budget feature length films including Walt Disney Pictures' "Invincible."

After directing dozens of TV commercials for Walmart throughout the United St, David and their brother Dr. Michael Garcia started a production company called Between Pictures LLC. David currently directs, produces, shoots, and edits commercial, documentary, narrative film, TV, and VR content. David's work has been seen on major streaming services including Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, and on networks including CBS Viacom, CNBC, FOX, MTV, NBC.


We have been in the industry since 2015.

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