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Anna Maria is one of the pioneer producers and creators of films beginning in the early 1990's that crossed demographics culturally, known for her role as a creator and producer of the major motion picture, FOOLS RUSH IN, starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek for Colombia Pictures. Salma Hayek’s character Isabel was loosely based upon Anna Maria’s real life and family. Anna Maria worked line for line and scene by scene with the accredited writer Katherine Reeback, Director, Andy Tennant, Producer, Doug Draizin and Studio Executive Teddy Zee, to create the look and tone of the highly successful and still playing on cable and the Internet, major motion picture. As a producer and one of the original creators the objective to create a timeless story line was successful by the continuous airing today of “Fools Rush In” to a large Cable and New Media viewing audience.
As a co-founder of, HANDS IN THE MIDDLE, LLC the Draizin Company, CEO of amd Productions, Development Executive for The Gilmore Commercial & Residential Property Group in Las Vegas, Producer, Writer, Director and Host of, DINNER ON SUNDAY and City Center Farms; Anna Maria has extensive experience in packaging and funding intellectual and real property development working with accredited professionals for over 35 years. Currently Anna Maria and has several projects in development that are commercial and focus on authentic story and character development. Anna Maria was also the first director to direct the first black magazine show on the Internet, BIM, (Black Insight Magazine.) From her experience working with studio regimes and independent, companies she has been involved in public relations, marketing and strategic planning from development through distribution within real and intellectual property ventures. An award winning producer, as the first Native Nevadan to produce a major motion picture, Anna Maria has worked closely with major political figures, and top executives in the Entertainment Industry to bring economic, cultural development and awareness via media to the forefront. Anna Maria began her love for the arts when she started dancing and playing the piano on stage from the ages of 3 to 18 studying with Margaret Ketchum from Los Angeles in dance and Marry Rennie, a retired conductor of the Chicago Philharmonic for piano. Later she focused on her career with a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Marketing, Merchandising and Management that lead Anna Maria in her early career as a Stylist on Rodeo Drive.
As the entertainment industry evolved due to a large part because of the increase of foreign distribution and the introduction of the Internet and New Digital Media, production facilities became over-booked leading Anna Maria to broaden her credentials into real property ventures obtaining a Nevada real estate license. The then Governor of Nevada, Governor Miller and local economic development groups asked Anna Maria to consult on building a film and television production facility/ Media Business Park, in Nevada, she entitled, Lombard Studios. Known to combine her sense of fashion, trend analysis, travel, real estate, marketing, and story development into all of her projects, Anna Maria creates a multicultural and global perspective that is most reflective of today’s world. Anna Maria has written, packaged, and funded Executive Summaries in film, TV, Real Estate ventures, and Controlled Environment Agriculture projects.
Being an accredited major motion picture producer allowed Anna Maria to apply and awarded film and TV tax incentives to film the building of the first Vertical Indoor Farm growing micro greens and lettuce, CITY CENTER FARMS and the magazine lifestyle new media project, Dinner On Sunday in Phoenix Arizona. These two projects were created, written, directed, and produced by Anna Maria. After applying and leading the audit with AZ Commerce and AZ IRS, Anna Maria lead her team to monetize AZ Film & TV tax credits at $.94 on the dollar per credit paying back her investors with a return on their investment. The farm was the first indoor farm that merchandised highly nutritional living micro greens, lettuce and herbs in a completely indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm using 90% less water than traditional farming and increasing nutritional value dramatically.
Anna Maria has also worked in Durango, Durango Mexico the home of the well-known Mexican film and television Studios where many infamous westerns were filmed and where her maternal ancestors have resided for many generations. The current governor of Durango, Mexico is a cousin of Anna Maria and is looking to redevelop the industry in Durango in the future. As a dual citizen of the USA and Mexico, creator and CEO of, DINNER ON SUNDAY, LA COMIDA, S. de R.L. de C.V. and Anna Maria Davis, Unlimited S. de R.L. de C.V., Anna Maria is able to provide multiple services for those wanting to do business in Mexico or in the USA. Her Mexican companies are structured to do business in the Export/Import industry, Production, Production Services, New Digital Media, Intellectual, Real Property and Agriculture industries. Anna Maria is passionate about the projects she undertakes and her focus on building top diverse, (budget/genre/story specific,) qualified teams in every department focusing on the best seasoned and up and coming above and below the line talent and attachments, achieving an A quality production or project at any budget.
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