Samantha Marchese

Student, Graduation: May, 2020

Providence, Rhode Island


About Me

My work ethic and my drive to succeed, as well as my skills in the Costuming field make me an excellent candidate. I am currently in my Sophomore year at Providence College, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and studying Theater as my minor. I am aspiring to be a Costumer for Theater and Film. I have been a seamstress since I was fifteen years old and have become very skilled in my work. I also have an eye for design, fabrics, and materials. I possess great work ethic and would be an asset to your company. I have provided my resume which highlights my range of experiences and accomplishments. I have worked extremely hard thus far, within the workplace, as well as in my studies. My experiences working at The Costume Room in Burlington, MA, as well as in the Providence College Costume Shop, were extremely rewarding and aided in the development of my creative skills. These jobs helped me foster management and organizational skills. My hands-on involvement in these shops allowed me to advance my sewing, mending, and artistic techniques. My experience in these jobs helped me build relationships with customers, students, professors, and professional artists. Both positions allowed me to develop problem solving skills as well. I have great desire to succeed, and my adaptability and efficiency in diverse fields sets me apart from other individuals.

I'm currently a student. I will graduate in May, 2020.

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