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Custom video-things made by hand(s) in Portland, Oregon.

I do most of my work as a DP and an editor, but first and foremost I am a creative problem solver who loves the challenge of creating visual media with a unique perspective. I'm easy to work with and always dedicated to producing video assets that deliver results for clients of all sizes.

Drop me a line and lets talk about what we can make together.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

Falconry: A Six Part Series
Added on 6/24/2018
Adam, and I worked together on this mini-doc series about his experience with falconry, and training his first bird, a Red-Tailed Hawk named Jess. The original concept was a documentary style piece that would unfold over several ~1min chapters, to be released on Instagram. I shot, directed, edited, and colored it as well, and we ended up getting it featured on @oregonexplored, as well as releasing it in our own feeds. He's since released Jess back into the wild, and now works with several other birds. You can catch up with him on Instagram: @hawkonhand.

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