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Vancouver, British Columbia


About Us

At Pink Buffalo Films we love breathing life into ideas. Playing with colour, sound, and image. Tell tall tales that stay with you. Stretching the elasticity of our brains to find something new in our collective wrinkly cortices. Facing the sink or swim nature of production because that’s what brings out the best in us. Launching, entrenching, and resuscitating brands – let’s get into that! Embracing the limitless style universe and yeah, sometimes making some pretty weird sh*t. We love throwing concepts against every wall in sight, reworking them, finessing them, peeling them back, breaking them down and rebuilding them, feeding and watering them, and then standing back to see it…your brand’s perfect message.

We just love creating and we respect your brand as much as you do.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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