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My name is Pablo Martín and I am an experienced audiovisual-news producer and an occasional cameraman. The production of broadcasting and news is the field that I like most and in which I have most experience. Working as cameraman gave me technical knowledge, expertise and artistic skills with the camera.

I finished the course of Superior Technical Production in 2004, having done an internship of two years in a TV-news department; and since then I have always worked in the field of NEWS (information). In the meantime I also graduated in journalism.

I am a regular follower of local and foreign news, so I have extensive knowledge of political and geostrategic situation, both on national and international level.
I have clear mind resolving problems and I am good at interacting with people so I have good skills for production departments.

I cover easily the camera-operator profile and am open to work as a journalist, I can stand both in front and behind the camera. Thanks to my work and my training experience I am a versatile person and can perform a wide range of tasks.

I would like to mention that I have worked and studied abroad, which means I am able to communicate in English and French, and I understand Portuguese as well. I have a car and a van at my disposal and I am ready to travel for work. Having my own video equipment and editing set makes it easy to hire me as a freelance.

I am responsible, healthy, athletic, positive and dynamic, and able to adapt to changes and unforeseen events.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

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