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Purpose-built video production | Live capture and animation | Script-to-screen, in-house expertise

At Binary Pulse Studios, we're dedicated to crafting compelling videos and films to help you achieve your business goals. Our team of strategists, creatives and technicians produce videos that help our clients generate leads, train their teams, onboard customers, reduce support costs and sell more products. Our Director, DP, script writers and storyboard artists are full-time employees, and we have daily, in-person huddles to ensure your project is always moving forward.

We utilize our own in-house studio and nearly half a million dollars of professional-quality/specialty video equipment. Having produced hundreds of videos, our team has shot in every environment, from clean rooms to operating rooms to boardrooms. From frozen mountaintops to tropical beaches. Across the country and around the world.

Binary Pulse Studios Reel
Added on 2/4/2019

A short collection of recent clips that demonstrate our range and skill.

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