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** Offering remote film production during the Covid-19 pandemic **
Experienced in a number of production approaches that are Covid-19 compliant. I can help you make content during the pandemic with studio shoots (both green screen and set builds), remote directed interviews over zoom, in house food production with food stylist, remote client viewing over the internet and traditional documentary production with Covid-19 protocols in place.

I'm a Toronto based cinematographer with over 20 years of shooting documentary and commercials all over the world. With extensive broadcast doc experience covering social issue, natural history, science and themes of exploration and adventure I bring to every project a unique technological understanding, a strong grasp of the narrative and a photographer’s aesthetic.

Projects have taken me to just about every extreme conditions I can imagine; the high arctic of Canada and mountains of Mongolia, marine environments in the South Pacific to the North Atlantic, rainforests, desert and any environment that exceeds the camera manufacture's recommends.

I am equally comfortable and effective in both "fly on the wall" vérité and more scripted documentary projects, all with interviews that are approached more as environmental portraits than talking heads.

These days I am enjoying shooting projects with my 4K Panasonic Varicam LT and my documentary lighting package all on a carnet ready to travel internationally or shoot locally in Canada.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

Demo Reel
Added on 4/25/2018
Examples of my documentary and commercial work.


Director of Photography – Extreme Ice Machines

December, 2019 — March, 2020
Television – Discovery Channel

Director of Photography – Company Town

March, 2019 — March, 2020
Television – CBC

Director of Photography – Political Blind Date Season I, II, III, IV &V

April, 2018 — December, 2020
Television – TVO

Director of Photography – Third Dive (Working Title)

February, 2018 — May, 2018
Television – CBC - POV

Director of Photography – Girls on the Bus

February, 2018 — March, 2018
Television – TVO

Co-DOP – Hello Goodbye Season II

April, 2017 — September, 2017
Television – CBC

Director of Photography – The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World

February, 2017 — May, 2017
Television – CBC, ZDF, Arte, SVT

Director of Photography – Political Blind Date Season I

January, 2017 — July, 2017
Television – TVO

Do-DOP – Hello Goodbye Season I

April, 2016 — September, 2016
Television – CBC

Director of Photography – Payday - Ep 5 (Reno)

March, 2016 — March, 2016
Television – Viceland

Co-Director / DOP – Much Too Young

February, 2016 — August, 2017
Feature – TVO

Cinematographer – Cold Water Cowboys

November, 2015 — February, 2016
Television – Discovery Channel Canada

Director of Photography – Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants

April, 2015 — July, 2015
Television – CBC (Nature of Things), PBS International, ARTE

Director of Photography – Gambling On Extinction

June, 2014 — August, 2014
Television – TVO, ZDF, Arte

co-director / cinematographer – March to the Pole

April, 2014 — April, 2014
Television – History Channel

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