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I have 12 years of full time experience in Documentary and Reality Television. My background ranges from "One man band" DP/Producer work, to straight DP work. 8 years as a DP/Producer on Discovery Channels "Deadliest Catch" was a large part of my grooming. Since then, I have continued as a DP for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc.
My goal is great story telling with high cinematic value. I believe in intentional shooting for stories over the spray and pray method and constantly ask myself, "What is this scene about?". This type of process and thinking allows me to know when I have something good in the can and when it is safe to focus on shot upgrades. I achieve these story and cinematic goals with my own gear package. I know every bell and whistle of it, which allows me to be extremely efficient, resulting in a better product for you.
I've worked in Antarctica, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Bering Sea to name a few, as well as interesting meetings in comfortable air conditioned board rooms. It doesn't matter to me. I am a Camillian. What matters to me in those moments is figuring out how to capture the story, making the most of the environment around it.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

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Director of Photography – Chain of Command

January, 2017 — February, 2018
Television – National Geographic

Director of Photography/ Producer – Deadliest Catch

October, 2008 — February, 2016
Television – Discovery Channel

Director of Photography/Producer – Continent 7

November, 2015 — February, 2017
Television – National Geographic

Shooter/Producer – Bering Sea Gold

March, 2014 — August, 2016
Television – Discovery Channel

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