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Mind Exchange Music is a versatile and in demand Indy post production audio and music company based out of Chicago's north side neighborhood, Rogers Park. The company is co-owned by Donny Walker (Creative Director/Composer/Music Producer) & Kelly Askam (Sound Supervisor/Recording & Mix Engineer). Our current team is comprised of 4 key specialized individuals, focusing on music licensing (Cait Rapel) & engineering/sound design (Zachariah Jarrett), we often supplement our projects with outside: sound designers, audio/video subcontracts, musicians and music mixers for projects as necessary to make our deadlines. Musically, from a creation and performance standpoint, we are experienced, educated & obsessively versatile in our refined abilities to custom design music fast and efficiently in any style or genre for any instrumentation to accommodate any talent level or desired scenario, be it: live performance, studio recording, education or media production. Compared to current industry trends, MEM actively seeks to employ live musicians whenever possible as the emotional connection but is also adept at virtual instrument design whenever necessary. We regularly produce and record: Choirs, Orchestras, Big Bands & outstanding audio musicians whenever possible.

We have been in the industry since 2015.

Mind Exchange Music Post Production Audio & Music Reel
Added on 6/11/2018

Within the last year alone, our company Mind Exchange Music LLC has assumed full responsibility for original sound and music for 18 short films, 2 feature films, 2 movie trailers, 2 live film score…

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