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Over the past 25 years Filmotechnic USA has been an industry leader in the field of professional remote camera systems. Providing the most reliable gyro stabilized heads, camera cars, and the Sci-Tech Academy Award-winning Russian Arm, Filmotechnic is the original in this industry and established the innovative standards which other companies are now measured by.

With multiple locations throughout the US and worldwide partners, combined with a large team of cross-trained personnel, Filmotechnic USA provides a wide variety of options with all of our heads, arms and cars to bring your production to the next level.

Products offered by Filmotechnic included the gyro-stabilized Flight Head, Flight Head Mini and Flight Head Apex, Russian Arm and Russian Arm Mini, Telescoping U-Crane, and many others. All this is featured on our stable of specialized vehicles including Porsche Cayenne Turbos, Mercedes ML63 AMG, Ford F-150 Raptors, as well as other off-road options and much more.

We have been in the industry since 1990.

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