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A Leading Partner with the Film/TV Industry for Over 20 Years
Our flagship service has always been providing premium catering to film and television productions. Since our first job in 1997, Hanna Brothers has delivered the best food, great value, and the finest service to over 200 productions, in a wide variety of locations worldwide.

Hanna Brothers takes a great deal of pride in having earned the reputation as one of the best partners in the film industry. We believe we have to earn that reputation on every single project, and our continued success is due to several factors that set us apart: extreme attention to detail with our menus, which utilize the freshest ingredients in our own handcrafted recipes; deploying customized, well-maintained equipment; and by friendly, knowledgeable team members who share our unflinching commitment to service.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

Hanna Brothers Production Catering
Added on 7/10/2018

A look at Hanna Brothers Production Catering and Events offerings, including the new dehydrator.

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