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Peralta, New Mexico

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Hello I am a New Mexico based photographer. I am in the IATSE 600 Union.
I do galleries and unit stills as well as advertising and editorial work.
I can light and come with all the gear needed to make each project stand out.
Film work be it episodic or feature seems to be a great fit for my skills.
I can concept or co creating when ever possible. Happy to make your ideas happen.
I come to set egoless and give each project the best of me.
I try to get those extra tidbits but follow the lead to f the DP for the genuine feel of each project.

A bonus and additional sideline is that I can wrangle and am a teamster in the best sense.
Few women drive teams of horses. This is a side passion and I love doing it. I'm a muleskinner dealing with mostly mules but I can drive multiple horses or mules. I am on what they call the exhausted list with the Teamsters 492.

Give a shout you won't be sorry.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

Added on 6/25/2018
Driving 2 mules in hand for wrangling. I hitch and drive for film. Basic cowgirl / wrangler with livestock.


Photographer/ Wrangler – SEE RESUME

Other –


Karen has done stellar work on various feature films and series I’ve been involved with including Icebox, Ideal Home, Will Gardner, Snatchers Season 2 as well as gallery shoots for my documentary Flamenco School. I value Karen’s highly professional etiquette, her skill set, equipment knowledge, social media savvy -- but most of all, her ability to capture true moments of beauty and import. She will go beyond the norm in getting the most out of a shoot. Of the many still photographers I have worked with in the course of thirty years of film production, Karen ranks with the very best.

Brent Morris

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