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Los Angeles, California


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I'm Justin Kelley a versatile passionate gaffer, DP, and producer at my production company Hollywood Video Collective. I have handled productions within the industry such as corporate, narrative, commercial, music videos, and branded content. I'm the perfect fit for your project due to my years of experience and knowledge behind the camera. I have also worked with several companies such as Nike, Athletic Brewing, Bulleit, Rare Beauty, Oakley, Therabody, New Balance, Costco, and Hanes just to name a few. Below you can find my website as well as the recent work I have shot.

Rate $2,000 for Truck & Labor

All The Best

Justin Kelley


Recent commercials & Documentaries

Camera & Sound Gear List
2 Sennheiser Lav
Sennheiser 416
Zoom 6
Black Supermist 1/4
ND Filter .9
Dream Fx filter
DJI Mavic Air 2
Sony Fx9
Tokina Vista Prime FF 25, 40, 85MM
Tokina Vista Zoom 50-135MM
Vaxis 2000s Wireless kit
Osee 21.5' Monitor
TV Logic 7'
Video Devices 5' Monitor
Inovativ 52' Cart
Matte Box
100MM Polarizer
2 256 GB XQD Card
2 64 GB SD Card
Fast Card Reader
O'connor Flowtech 100mm
Easy Rig Vario 5 Stabil G2
Ronin 2

Creamsource SpaceX
2x Creamsource Vortex8
Litemat Spectrum Four
Hudson Spider Redback
Hudson Spider 7' White Umbrella
Arri Skypanel S60
Arri Snapgrid
Arri Softbox
Prolycht 675 with Fresnel
8 Astera Titan
2 Astera Helios
Astera Lightsocks
Quasar 20w & 5w
DMG Roscoe Dash with Dot
Aputure MC
Aputure Nova 600
Aputure Snapgrid
Aputure Light Dome
Aputure Light Dome 150
Aputure 300d Mark 2
Aputure 600D Pro
Aputure 1200D
Aputure Fresnel 10
Aputure Spotlight 19,36 degree
2 Aputure B7
Androoki Magnets
Predator Generator 3500W
Dana Dolly 6ft Track
4 Full Apple Box
2 1/2 Apple Box
2 Quarter Apple Box
2 Pancake
8x8 1/4 Silk
8x8 Magic Cloth
8x8 Solid
8x8 Silver Lame
8x8 Ultra Bounce
6' Silent 1/2 Grid Cloth
6' Wag Flag Silent Full Grid Cloth
6' Wag Flag Magic Cloth
6' Wag Flag Black Rip Stop
6' Solid commando Cloth
4' Silent 1/4 Grid
4x4 Muslin
4x4 FEK Facial Brokeh
4x4 China Silk
4x4 Full Grid Cloth
4X4 1/2 white diffusion
4x4 1/2 Silk
4x4 Empty Frame
4x4 Single Net
4x4 1/2 White Diffusion
2 48X96 Floppy
2 42x76 Floppy
1x2 1/2 white diffusion
1x2 Black flag
Black Single Net
Black Double Net
2x2 Bouncecard
2x2 Mirror
10 C-Stands Roll
Junior Roller Light Stand
MINIVATOR II 142" Geared Stand
2 Lowboy Combos
5 Combo Stands
2 Overhead Roller Stands
12x6 Green Screen
23 Sandbags
25’ Stingers
50' Stingers
100' Stingers
3 C-Clamps 6',8',10'
Grip Clips
4 Cardellini Clamp

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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