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Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago-based full-time Cinematographer/Gaffer. While I work in a variety of production styles/types, I specialize in narrative and music video productions

You can see my full portfolio, reel, resume, pricing sheet, and more on my website

My Production Philosophy:
When hour 16 rolls around on set, you can’t hire someone who’s going to start yelling at the PA and chuck a chair because “creative differences”. You need someone you get along with, and I strive to build a working relationship with everyone I collaborate with. The Director and DP relationship will make or break the project, and I work endlessly to make the production happen on time and under budget. I strive to be inclusive of every team member on set, from the lead stylist to the production assistant. I worked at a fast-food restaurant for three days and left it to work full-time in film. I didn’t leave that to work on sets without comradery as a unit. I know when to be professional, but I also like to keep things light-hearted when appropriate.
We’re creating art.
That should be a great experience for every crew member.

I look forward to working with you soon.

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