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Cardinal Production is proud to introduces new mobile production facility with a built-in live streaming transmission capability. The mobile production facility is a moving studio that can be deployed at the curbside of your guest's location, house, office, farm or even on the street. This will provide comfort and connivance to your guest. This will also provide you with more options of people to host on air, who are not necessarily able to get to your studio.
Cardinal Production is proud to provide another outstanding service, separate from the the mobile studio van. We provide a specialized and highly skilled crew to cover demonstrations, protests and walk side by side with demonstrators and broadcast breaking news live on the spot 24/7. This can be done from streets or buildings, including airport terminals, conference rooms or any location that requires live coverage. This service will also provide live interviews by reporters, news anchors or guests from the scene of the event.

Cardinal Production mobile facility is a studio on wheels. A very spacious van equipped with the latest video and audio technology. It can accommodate up to 2 guests during a live interview. This van can be available 24/7 ready to broadcast live from inside or outside the van, from any residential or office location. The mobile production facility is designed so that the production crew can independently cover events and broadcast live events from any location indoor or outdoor.

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We have been in the industry since 1991.

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