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Started as a grip, now a director, but always a creator.
Working from the ground up I started as a grip, after learning my job well I started looking around at other jobs I could move towards. I loved the idea of gaffing- to be responsible to light a scene making it feel natural with a good deal of drama is something I will always love.
After understanding what projects need to be lit what ways and getting a firm grasp on my own style to bring to the table I received an offer to direct a big budget commercial. This is not the normal jump to make- from Gaffer to Director? I received a lot of questions from friends and other freelancers I worked with constantly, as to how or why would someone make this jump.
But what most people hadn't seen was that since 2009 I had been directing, and shooting documentaries, commercials, music videos and short cinematic narratives on my own. After a decade of making films and commercials I had stacked a large supply of work that allowed me to make this transition I had worked diligently for ten years to make happen.

I still Grip, I still Gaff, and I will always keep making my own films. I'm not in this business to make beautiful content that actually means something, I make solid meaningful and thoughtfully constructed frames and interviews that mean something, and therefore I am in this business.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

2019 Film Reel
Added on 3/31/2019
Matt Williams Director/DP Film Reel 2019 From 4 different countries, and who knows how many different states my hope is this communicates what I can accomplish as a Director and DP. This is my 2019 film reel. Go to TheLightAffect.com for project rates.

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