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McFadden Family Films is a full production studio founded in 2012 by Markiss McFadden and Desiree Marie McFadden. We are a multi-award winning production company who has worked with some of the industries top professionals. At McFadden Family Films we take care of every aspect of filmings, from pre to post production. We are also equipped to handle the distribution of the final product. In pre-production we cover casting, location scouting, crew, payroll, call sheets, and all paperwork including; reports, permits, production insurance, all necessary release forms for actors and locations, etc. We take pre-production very seriously and recognize that it is the most important phase of production, which is why our crew is one of the best in the business. We are true industry professionals. Our favorite part of the production process is, of course, filming. Every person on set has an essential part to play in the creation of each story. Additionally, fostering a positive, passionate level of energy is critical to the filming process. Once that energy is established, it allows our actors to deliver their best possible performances. During filming we are precise and pay close attention to every detail, including timing. We have never started a film and not finished. It is not uncommon for a production to begin and never complete, usually due to budget. Here at McFadden Family Films we proactively attend to budgeting to ensure a quality finished product. During post-production we provide the editing, sound design, color correction, and CGI (if applicable). We have learned that when the film is complete many production companies are unprepared to provide services beyond the festival circuit. All of our projects have been distributed world wide and have made at least three times more than the initial investment. We have established relationships with many distribution companies, including Sony, and we understand what these distribution companies require before accepting a project. Whether you’ve been in the business for years or are just starting out, McFadden Family Films is here to help ALL of your production needs.

As a producer, you have an unlimited number of roles and responsibilities, ranging from the creative element to the technical aspect. My first feature film required me to become the ultimate producer. Not only was I the director, lead actor, and producer, but I also acted as a 1st AD, PA, Caterer and more! Due to the success of that film, I quickly gained notoriety among the filmmaking community and received many requests by other filmmakers to produce their films. Since that time, I’ve produced more than fourteen films: six short films, six feature-length films, and two TV Pilots for Netflix. As a producer, it’s imperative to be proactive with all aspects of the filmmaking process, from budget to editing. This allows me to provide the highest quality of film at the lowest budget, all without compromising the integrity of the story.

Although my film career began in the role of an actor, it quickly became clear to me that I had a deep passion for Directing. To date, I’ve directed a total of nine films. As an actor and director I am able to reach my actors in a different way than most directors. I can identify and pull the heart of the story to the surface from level of each unique character which provides my films with a different and complete storytelling experience. Due to my ability to envision the story from both in front of and behind the camera, I am able to innately draw from my actors a greater depth of character while maintaining the integrity of the overarching theme of the film. It is common for me to receive compliments from other filmmakers regarding the believability of my actors. I am often asked to provide coaching to the actors I’ve worked with, as they feel that I have drawn their best work out of them. There is a story to be told with the script, by the camera, and through the delivery of the actors/actresses. It takes a strong director to bring each element of this process to life, and I am passionate about taking my films every step of the way to ensure that the story before your eyes matches my vision. As a director, it’s important to me to review the script with the writer/owner, and revise it as needed. I sit in on the castings sessions, create the shot-list, and rehearse with my actors. I am passionate about the energy of every film I direct and I share this passion and positive energy on set. I believe that my energy directly impacts the entire set and I take this responsibility very seriously. Because of this, I recognize that each role is equally necessary, and my goal is for everyone on set to know that they’re a part of something special. Because of that, and because of my amazing team, every project has been a success. I am eager to get working on your project.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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