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Our strength is our experience working together as a team, producing thousands of productions using a systematic approach that maximizes efficiency and consistent quality. There is no substitute for years of experience and pushing ourselves to learn and improve with every project.

Here are a few things about us that might be helpful:
1) We really like to do interviews. Our Creative Director Heath Cowart is an interview specialist. He takes pride in being able to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera and engage in a discussion so they will look and sound their best. He has a knack for helping interviewees go beyond simply stating facts. He helps them communicate meaningful insights and find connections that demonstrate value to the viewer. He also writes scripts and creative concepts for our clients.

2) We like to work quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in being able to show up and get a lot of great content in a short time. This simply comes with experience of evaluating lots of shooting environments and squeezing the most artistic and compelling images out of each one.

3) The gimbal steady cam is one of our favorite tools. Lots of camera operators own them, not so many enjoy using them as much as we do. There is a learning curve and they are heavy. If you look at our videos you will notice a lot of dynamic camera motion from using this tool as much as possible. Dan Hasagawa, our incredibly talented cameraman has been with us for 5 years and running a steadycam even longer. It is his favorite camera tool and he has mastered it.

4) For a job that can be chaotic and confusing, we are pretty tightly organized and focussed Most of this is is due to Katlyn Mobley, our production manager. She makes sure nothing falls through the cracks and even with hundreds of shoots a year and thousands of details, she keeps us organized and does it with endless positive energy. If you need something she is the first one to ask.

5) Everything we shoot looks best when we edit it. We have developed a powerful system and behind this system and all of our edits is Melinda Hendershott. Melinda has this amazing talent for taking hundreds and sometimes thousands of video clips from a variety of cameras and setups and organizing it into something that doesn't just work, it is a work of art. Melinda brings a combination of artistic vision, technical experience, and raw tenacity to keep working until the project exceeds not only our expectations, but yours as well.

6) We fly drones a lot. Heath is our licensed FAA drone pilot. He started building and flying drones before most people had heard of them.

7) We We really like being centrally based in Brevard NC. We can be in Greenville, SC or Asheville, or Charlotte, NC in 1-2 hours and are less than a day's drive from much of the East coast.

8) We are available to shoot just about anywhere in North America. We don't mind flying or driving our production van for an out of town shoot. We actually enjoy it.

9) We don't rent cameras. We own our cameras and use them so much that we can operate them with our eyes closed.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

Economic Development series highlights
Added on 11/26/2018

I helped create the concept, direct and shoot the footage along with the team from Real Digital Productions.

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