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With more than 10 years combined experience in the performance, production and post-production of film and music, A-Bot Studios is a company dedicated to the creation of high-quality content for an affordable price.

A-Bot Studios has two main goals. First, to provide local businesses with promotional video content at a professional quality that will help them thrive and gain more customers in today’s media centric and social media focused society. Second, to provide independent creative artists (writers, directors, musicians, etc.) a more affordable and accessible means to bring their ideas and passions to life.

Our services include:
-Video Editing
-Visual Effects / Motion Graphics
-Sound Design
-Audio Mix Mastering
*We can do a 15 second sample free of charge as a demo test
-Full Video Production
-Real Estate Virtual Tours
– Virtual Tour Video
– Photos

We have been in the industry since 2018.

El Rescate
Added on 11/7/2018

“El Rescate” one of our personal projects. It takes place in the underworld of a violent city, where a man who knows too much is held against his will, and his employers will do anything to safeguard…

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